The beginning stages of every job are always the most challenging and fun.

We sit down with the homeowners and designers to discuss the potential and extent of the art work being put on their home. Usually we are shown fabric samples and a few photo references of ideas they like. Our job is to find the right composition and colors to fit the spaces involved. This can be a challenge.

These drawings represent what is proposed for the grand hallway that involves six groin vaults and arch doorways with pillars . This is where it gets fun. There are so many ways to ceiling like this. Just reference any of the old masters. Some of the cathedrals they did we’re extremely detailed and took years to finish.

photo-2 photo-2-colred

What I’ve designed here can be done in a moderate time frame and will hold just enough detail to not look too busy. We’re all excited about starting this part of the Bello home because they are describing it as being their main showcase for the entire house.

Time to get those paintbrushes and sculpting knives out, the work begins soon…